Gratitude, the Ultimate Compliment



We thank the parents of Bridge to Learning for their compliments and gratitude. Our pride is measured by your children's success.

Robin and Taylor,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for how well prepared James is for kindergarten.

Dave and I attended Lynnfield’s Kindergarten orientation last week. When we first arrived we both felt like we were in the twilight zone because it was far too soon for us to be there. However, after sitting through countless speakers discussing what their expectations are for students starting, and what their days will be like moving forward, we both got extremely excited for James, knowing that he is beyond ready for this next step.

Through each speaker’s discussion of kindergarten expectations, we could clearly see Bridge To Learning Too’s curriculum coming into play. It is obvious your teachers spend quite a bit of time planning meaningful activities and lessons for both the social and academic skills required for each child’s next step and beyond.

Kudos to both of you, Ms. Lynnie, Ms. Pam and Ms. Kristina!

Lynnfield has a reputation for exceptional schools, and Bridge To Learning Too is definitely one of them.
— Thank you! Katelyn & Dave
We love to hear their SONGS.
We love to see their ART. We love to watch them LEARN.
Morning SMILES. Naptime BACKRUBS. Afternoon HUGS.
If it takes a village to raise a child, Bridge to Learning is our Main Street.
Thank you for LOVING them.
For HUGGING them.
For TEACHING them.
— From a Parent
To Charlie’s past, present and future teachers,
Thank you for all you do to keep Charlie learning, playing, happy and safe! We truly appreciate all of you!
— Thanks! Charlie, Greg and Cassie
Caden’s last day at Bridge to Learning seems an appropriate time to let you know what a wonderful 4 years we’ve had at your school. My husband had been asking to move Caden to BTL earlier but at the time I had a comfort level with the center we were at. It wasn’t until an incident I found unacceptable that I chose to move him to BTL – best decision ever! Between my 2 boys, our family has been enrolled in 3 centers over the course of 10 years so I do consider myself an authority on the subject. BTL just gets it right! From the little things such as the cheerful, enthusiastic greeting every morning to the big things, a curriculum that is unmatched. BTL is small enough to be comforting but large enough to be exciting. I know you know this, but you teachers are simply amazing. It’s clearly a testament to the great working environment and their true love of teaching. Your lack of turn over speaks for itself. Even after 8 hours with 7-10 children, your teachers are still smiling at pick up. We have enjoyed each and every performance, watching Caden learn new songs, meet new friends, count, write, add, subtract and on and on…he enjoyed every single field trip this summer and all your fun themed weeks. All amazing memories now for us to cherish. We are so grateful we ultimately made the decision to move Caden to BTL. We’ll hold our memories close as we head off on Caden’s next great adventure, fully prepared to do so – thanks to BTL!
— Sincerely, Susan, Ben, Tyler and Caden
Can’t say enough about the wonderful program you run at Bridge. It’s been a great experience for all 3 of my boys that they will treasure forever. We are really going to miss the Bridge family! Keep up the great work; you should be extremely proud of what you do for all the children at Bridge and for the wonderful staff. All the best to you in the future! Extremely grateful.
— D. Family
Hi Robin,

I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!!!

I remember two years ago the thought of dropping him off at school was so nerve-wracking the first time but from the second we signed him up for your school it was the best choice we could have made! It was such a pleasure each day to send him to a school with such a warm and caring director and teacher! He grew so much from going there and he truly loved every second. Now here we are two years later and I am so sad for him to be done there. We will miss Bridge to Learning so much and can’t wait to sent our son Brady there for preschool in two years.

Thank you a million to both you and Ms. Barbara for everything!
— Danielle and John Muse
We very much appreciated the wonderful care that Alex receives at BTL. We are so happy we found the best place for him. The teachers are fantastic! This is the most important decision we’ve ever made and I’m thrilled that we made the right one by choosing BTL. Thank you for everything! Merry Christmas!
— Andrew, Melissa, and Alex
Just a little something for all you do for all the kids, especially Cordelia. No words or gesture can truly express our appreciation for how wonderful you all are to our daughter. She truly loves it at BTL and we can’t thank you enough. Enjoy your lunch and as Miss Julianne taught Cordi “Sandwich first!”
— Nicole and Joe Bonfiglio
We are thankful for BTL, you and all your teachers. Caden is so happy each and every day and I know it’s because of your positive and loving environment you promote at BTL. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.
— Love, Caden, Susan, Ben, and Tyler
You all have taken care of both my babies over the years and I am so grateful I had you all. It made going to work everyday a lot easier knowing my kids were well taken care of and constantly given love, just like they were home. Not only did they get unconditional love here, they learned so much and were prepared to leave there and head into public school. They both received a great head start into school when leaving Bridge and that is a huge help for them as well as Steve and I. We will always be grateful for everything you have gave them and taught them. In our eyes, we loved your school and love you all, and love that our kids loved being there and loved you all. We will miss you all, but want to thank you for everything, we will come and visit. With respect, love, and friendship
— With respect, love, and friendship, Steven and Lisa
It has been such a pleasure to send Adam to your school for the past two years. Because of the consistency and compassion shown by you and your staff, Adam’s first school experience was absolutely the best. The balance you have created between playtime, socialization and academics is fantastic and all three always stayed fun. I’m sad I will not be able to send Sarah to your school too, but am grateful for Adam’s experience. He now has a solid foundation and will be ready to take on kindergarten in Florida. Thanks again! We will miss you!
— B. Family
Over the past 5 years you have helped develop my children’s minds, hearts and spirits. I can’t believe its time to say goodbye/ I’m feeling a lot of emotions. You have done so much for Tommy and Marie. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating my “babies” so well and giving them a solid in life.
— Thank you, Tom, Jenn, Marie, and T.J.
Thank you for making our first week at Bridge to Learning such a great experience. Our Mom is so happy and as you know, “when Mom’s happy everyone’s happy.” We can’t wait for next week!
— Love Morgan and Damian
Thank you for all that you and the wonderful staff at Bridge to Learning do for our girls. Natalie and Rachel absolutely love coming to school every day and come home with a hundred stories about what they did. They have made great friends over the years and developed loving relationships with all their teachers. We are confident that our girls are always loved, respected, taken care of, taught and challenged every day. Thank you again for everything – we appreciate it more than you can imagine.
— With love, Lisa, Jim, Natalie and Rachel
Words can’t explain the gratitude we have for all of you here at Bridge to Learning. You have all had a tremendous role in the up bringing of Christopher. If not for all of you he would mot be the same wonderful happy little boy he is today.
— Thank you again Sam and Bill
We are so glad that Henri is able to go to Bridge to Learning. This way he grows up bilingual, which is terrific. Henri loves to go to daycare and he had a wonderful year and a lot of fun. Thank you so much for everything. We wish you, all the teacher and your families a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.
— With best wishes, Ania, Christian and Henri
Choosing Bridge to Learning for our kids was one of the best decisions we made. Elias has benefited tremendously from his teachers. His writing has improved and he loves coming to school. Hanna is also doing great, thanks to her teachers’ dedication and hard work. The fact that my children love going to your school is priceless, thank you!! We would like to thank you and your staff and wish you happy holidays.
— B. Family
I, like 99.9% of other parents, was extremely nervous about putting my little princess into preschool. However, your staff has been fabulous to ease my worries and to love Sophia as if they were her own. As a family, we have created so many great memories as we try to guess what project Sophia will create in class and whom will she gift her masterpiece too. The creativity, patience and love for teaching that your staff has is like no other. It is truly a honor and privilege to have found such a wonderful facility as yours and we look forward to seeing you all in September. Have a wonderful summer!
— Love, G. Family
Hi Robin, What a nice graduation ceremony last night. Just wanted to say thank you. I just can’t say enough about everything you’ve all done for Alex and Tommy. Bridge is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and even though I’m sad to see Alex going on to Kindergarten, I know he is so well prepared because of his time at Bridge. You’ve taken such great care of him and taught him so much. He talks all the time about how much he is going to miss you all. I can’t thank you enough.
— Melissa Reed :-)
Mrs. Robin, Thank you so very much for having Jax join Bridge to Learning in January. We are so very pleased with everything he has learned and how much he has grown academically and socially and its all thanks to the wonderful staff at Bridge to Learning. His first year at preschool went better than expected! He enjoyed his time there very much and look forward to returning there in the fall. It brought me so much comfort dropping him off and knowing he would be safe, happy and learning so much academically and socially! Thank you again to all your staff and all your hard work!
— Melinda Amaral
I am so sad that this day is here. I will miss all of you so much and I know that Charles will too. Thank you for everything that you have done. Bridge has become part of our family and we are so grateful for all of the amazing teachers who have cared for Charles. Wishing you all the best for 2017.
— Candace and Nathan Perreault
Thank you so much for your kindness and flexibility in scheduling while I returned back to work. You have made the transition so much easier for Anthony and I. As a mother, it is such a comforting feeling to pick Anthony up each day with a big smile on his face. Thanks again!
— The Saia Family
Just a small token of our gratitude for all that you do every day for our children. Cordelia and Wyatt love all of you so much that they look forward to coming to school each day. Joe and I are thrilled that you all take such great care of them and that you really feel like an extension of our family. We know how much time, effort and care you give and we are truly grateful. Thank you all so much!
— Sincerely, Nicole and Joe Bonfiglio