Together for Excellence.


When a parent requests a place for their child at Bridge:

  • Parent and child will meet with the administrator or her designee prior to the admitting of any child to Bridge.
  • At the meeting, the parent will be provided with Bridge to Learning Children’s Center written statement of purpose, referral policy, procedures relating to children’s records and procedures of providing emergency healthcare.  These procedures will also be verbally explained by the administrator.  
  • The parent and child are given the opportunity to visit the classrooms at the time of the meeting or prior to enrollment.

progress reports

Progress reports are issued twice a year for children fifteen months and older. Infant reports are issued every three months.  Parents may request additional reports throughout the school year.  Conferences are held twice a year, but staff is available for individual conferences with parents at a mutually available time.


Health Care Procedures

A medical certificate consisting of a physical exam and immunization record is required before enrollment at Bridge.  This record must be updated annually.  Parents are encouraged to take children for dental checkups annually.


In case of emergency

All staff members are trained to give emergency first aid as
needed. Our emergency plan is a follows:

  • Call ambulance.
  • Contact parent to meet at hospital.
  • Take child’s medical records.
  • One staff member accompanies child to hospital.


Bridge is concerned about the general health and well being of all the children in our care.  We will serve as a resource in finding special services for your child if necessary.  Bridge can provide referrals in the following areas if necessary:

  • Speech and Language
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological / Psychiatric Services
  • Educational Service
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Social Services


Birthdays are special events in a child’s life. We appreciate your interest and involvement when arranging a birthday party for your child. If you wish to provide a birthday “treat” for each child in your child’s group, please arrange the date and time with the Director or your child’s teacher.